Sunda Kratom and its other variations

Sunda Kratom seems a very strange name as it is a unique variation that is mysterious for many people. Sunda Kratom is a variety of kratom from the Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia. it is not a single variety of kratom, instead it the combination of many kratom types that grow here because the Sunda Islands has many other islands in it which are occupied by many countries and named after them or the island.

The Sunda Island varieties are typically green, white, and red in their color respectively and that is why known as Red Sunda, Green Sunda, and White Sunda. However, there is another variety in Sunda Kratom which is Yellow Sunda, so, without wasting time let’s throw some light on it.

Yellow Sunda Kratom

Yellow Sunda is the blend of the two varieties which are green and red strains, typically 60% and 40% in the quantities. The kratom powder of this strain is fresh green in color with a refreshing soil-like aroma.

Old kratom trees of Sunda Islands make up this strain that is why the potency, alkaloid content, and the taste is simply great and high. This kratom variety is really enjoyable as it will not give you a taste of bitterness after consuming it.

With the perfect blend of red and green strains, Yellow Sunda combines the effects of both strains. It takes the energy and motivational qualities of green strains with the pain relief and relaxing qualities of the red strains respectively.

A user will not feel low or sedated with this strain type and remains active. This strain is ideal for people who want to relieve their pains without being sedated and yet work properly.

What are the other popular varieties of kratom from the Sunda Islands?

As we know the Sunda Islands is joined with four major countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and East Timor, so the kratom varieties are grown in these areas but with the other names not on their countries.

Logically, all kratom varieties grow on the island of Sunda then these all must have the same properties as well.

So, let’s see how other varieties of these islands are different from one another and similar.

Borneo Island Kratom

Borneo island is the biggest island in Asia and it combines countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. The main export stuff of this land was rubber and palm but after this kratom is the relatively new and biggest export of this island.

Borneo kratom is also split is varieties like red, green, and white Borneo.

Red Vein Borneo is a relaxing strain which relaxes the mind and body which gives you tranquilizing effects without the interruption of sedation.

Green Vein Borneo is a strengthen and pain-relieving strain which significantly relieves pain without let you feel sleepiness and low. This strain would be perfect for people who need to relieve their pain but at the same time won’t miss their work. This strain also works for the betterment for the mood which makes it ideal for the patients facing depression.

White Vein Borneo is a good replaceable option of your morning caffeine. It revives your senses and provides you with a better focus. This strain is full of energy that gives you strength in your work with a great focus indeed.