Did You Know That Kansas Is The Sunflower State?

Like all the other states, Kansas is known for many different things, but one thing for sure is that it’s the ‘Sunflower State.’ Did you know that? You might also not know that it’s actually the state flower for Kansas. So it’s not just flat plains, tornadoes, rustic scenery and growing wheat that Kansas is known for as you can see.

Sunflower Field

All joking aside, as mentioned, Kansas is known for many things, and it’s funny how so many people aren’t aware that sunflowers is one of them. I am one of the people that didn’t know this until I ran across it today while working, and I thought it was really neat because my mom loves sunflowers. She has had them all over her kitchen for many years, but she has thinned out some of the kitchen decorations. We both hold that same principle when decorating, minimalist ideas often work best because no one likes clutter.

The sunflower is also on the Kansas quarter that was issues awhile back, and so you can tell how much it has to do with state. Many people wonder why the sunflower was picked as the state flower, and like with many other state flowers, sunflowers are common in Kansas. Of course there are other more involved stories, however, as to why Kansas is known as the sunflower state.

One of the stories has people from Kansas wearing sunflowers to show they are from Kansas when they travel. Either way you look at it, the sunflower belongs to Kansas, a good symbol of the very laid back yet lively state, instead of the tornadoes, which are not so good symbols. Now you know a new nickname for the state of Kansas. Do you know anyone who lives there?