Why I Am Glad About Kansas’ Love Of Horseback Riding


I have lived in Kansas about two years now and I am glad for Kansas’ Love Of Horseback Riding. It is great to be able to take part in something everyone around me likes too. I have been riding horses since I was ten years old and I am glad to find other people who love it as much as I do.

When I talk with others about horseback riding I am able to feel like I am apart of a group. This is a good thing because sometimes it can be hard to find your place. I have joined a horseback riding group and it is great to get together and talk about the latest in horseback riding as well as the different places we have been.

Two of the girls in the group live right by me so we will ve carpooling together which is nice. We meet once a week and then going out riding together twice a month. It is a busy group but I am glad I am apart of it and can share my love of horses with other people in my town here in Kansas.